Our cafe offers a variety of choices and is open at all times.

We strive to be affordable and healthy on both our adult and kids menus

platters are available for pre order on (02)46476200


                           hot drinks

coffee from $4

vanilla, caramel, mocha, decaf and chai available 

hot chocolate from $4

tea $3

english breakfast, green, peppermint, earl grey available


babyccino $1.50


                hot food

burgers from $5.00

chicken, beef and vegetarian options available

wedges and french fries from $2.50

                     cafe snacks

toasted fruit breads $4.50

(banana, mango coconut, raspberry, blueberry)

scones from $3.90

                  open melts

open melts are made on a half turkish roll topped with cheese and grilled. topping include ham, tomato, pineapple, roast chicken, fresh avocado, salami, olives, sun dried tomato and feta.

            adult sandwiches

a variety of cold meat and salad sandwiches are available. sandwiches can be made on white, whole meal or gluten free bread with butter or nutlex. sandwiches can also be toasted

We also have a selection of snacks including chips, rice crackers, tiny teddies, lollies, chocolates and ice cream.

                 cold drinks

soft drink from $2.50

600ml water $2.50

kids drinks from $2.50


small $2.00

large $4.50

thickshake $6.00

Flavours: chocolate, strawberry, caramel and vanilla


                    kids food

Served with chips and a drink

4 chicken nuggets, cocktail frankfurts , 4 mini spring rolls $5.90

kids spread sandwiches $5.00

Fairy bread $5.00

Toasted cheese fingers $5.50